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  • Improved IT performance: We at Techlinks Services help businesses to improve the performance of their IT infrastructure and systems. This can lead to increased productivity, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction.
  • Increased security: We can help businesses to improve their IT security posture. This can help to protect sensitive data from cyberattacks and prevent financial losses.
  • Reduced costs: We can help businesses to reduce their IT costs. This can be achieved through economies of scale, improved efficiency, and the avoidance of costly mistakes.
  • Increased compliance: We can help businesses to comply with industry regulations. This can help to avoid fines and penalties, and protect the company’s reputation.

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Naima Baqar
Naima Baqar
1 February 2024
I had an excellent experience with Techlinks Services. I wasn't able to find my laptop charger in any shops after searching in many different areas but Naveed at Techlinks was able to find it and get it delivered to me within a day. 100% would reccomend.
Coline Ferrant
Coline Ferrant
24 January 2024
Fast, cost-effective service. Agreeable technician.
Dr Nadia
Dr Nadia
23 January 2024
Found this shop on Google map and got my laptop repaired from here. Mr Naveed is not just great in his work but knows how to deal with customers too!
W. Ansari
W. Ansari
1 January 2024
I've only got self-inking rubber stamps made from here, but they can also provide laptops and help in other computer-related matters, e.g., website development or designing/printing brochures.
Abdul Samad
Abdul Samad
16 December 2023
Naveed bhai was a great help. I went to him for a keyboard replacement and OS issue in my Dell Inspiron, and he fixed both issues. Budget friendly. Satisfactory work.
kashif naseer
kashif naseer
14 December 2023
Purchased a laptop from Mr. Naveed, had some software issues but he fixed them perfectly. its now perfectly and can do my daily routine works easily. I love his way how he give true guidance to new customers.
Amin Sadiq
Amin Sadiq
7 December 2023
Really good satisfactory dealer in terms of service and customer dealing.

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